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Behind the (beer-)scene…

When the idea to "Conrad Seidl's Beer of the Week" was created in late 2012, we would not have dreamed how quickly we reach the countless beer enthusiasts worldwide. What started as a fun project has now mutated into concentrated work - even when the fun (especially when sampling new beers) is still given.

The aim of this channel was never to speak about good or less good beer. Because as we know, taste is subjective. Much more was and is our goal to show beer-enthusiasts and the ever-increasing number of new beer drinkers: There are more styles available than the classic „after work“- or „television“ / „football“ beer. To show: YES, beer can taste like THIS too!

The selection of beers, styles and interpretations is bigger than ever, sensory impressions and flavors as diverse as with wine or coffee - just DIFFERENT. Bierpapst Conrad Seidl presents not only well-known classic beer-types and styles, domestic and international - but also new "experiments" from small independent breweries.

Flavoured with a few anecdotes about the type of beer and the brew master as well as tips on food pairing in about 4 minutes should give YOU, the viewer, an entertaining pleasure that hopefully inspires curiosity. Curiosity to try new beers and styles - and, of course, watch the next episode of "Conrad Seidl's Beer of the Week"!

PS: If you want to know more about Bierpapst Conrad Seidl and his broad expertise go to his website

But sorry, at this time the site is mostly in German only…